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Canada – Not Just a Watered Down Version of the USA

Some of us simply expect Canada to be a blander version of the USA, However nothing could be further from the truth! Canada is completely different from its close neighbour. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy in a wide variety of sports such as skiing, fishing, hiking, white water rafting and cycling, and many others. Nature lovers can enjoy the 38 national parks plus hundreds of regional parks. And culture seekers can enjoy the cuisine, arts and traditions that give Canada its unique french/English character. In Canada, tourism is big business and they have catered for this with massive investment in supporting infrastructure, the rail, road and train networks are clean and efficient. This beautiful country offers top-class adventures, and unparalleled outdoor experiences and entertaining activities for both young and old. History lovers can even explore 836 recognised historical sites.

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The famous Niagara is lot more than just the waterfalls, the Niagara Region stands as one of The most desirable destinations for international travellers. A wide range of popular attractions (including amusement parks, golf and wine trails) set against the beautiful natural settings of the Great Lakes, the Niagara Escarpment and of course the natural wonder; Niagara Falls. This incredible destination is a must see for all Canada visitors.

Top Activities and visitor attractions for Canada visitors include:

  • Water sports: white water rafting, canoeing, skiing and kayaking.
  • Skiing: Especially in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.
  • Walks/hikes: Champion walks and tours of all types with spectacular views, from 30 minutes to many days, to suit all levels of vitality, walks are to be found all over Canada, but more so in BC, Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia.
  • Whale watching: good trips off both the east and west coasts.
  • Caving and climbing: the Rocky Mountains!
  • Mountain biking: hire easily available and reasonably priced.
  • Seals: Quebec’s Magdalen Islands [Iles-de-la-Madeleine].

Jasper National Park:The jewel in the Rockies

Jasper national park is the largest of the Rockies national parks, less visited than Banff national park, but with equally spectacular vistas of mountain, lakes, and forest. Jasper Park was founded (originally as a forest park) in 1907.

The cultural wonder of Quebec

Quebec’s provincial capital has long outgrown its walls. Residential and commercial areas sprawl over the surrounding countryside. The Assemblée Nationale (Provincial Parliament) dominates the Grande Allée, the hub of the city’s life today. The best time to visit Quebec City is May through October, when the weather is most temperate. Summers are hot and humid and winters are severe, with snow lasting from mid-December to mid-March. The nearest airport – Jean-Lesage International Airport (YQB) 12 miles northwest of the city. For more information contact – Greater Québec Area Tourism and Convention Bureau 399, Rue Saint-Joseph Est Québec (Québec) Canada G1K 8E2 Phone: +1 418 522 3511 Fax: +1 418 529 3121

Banff National Park

A rich history going back as far as 1883, These days the park’s four million tourists arrive for the most part via a road infrastructure that puts them in easy reach of hiking, biking, boating, skiing, and almost every other type of hobby.

Due to the sheer size of Canada many people split the country into 10 unique areas and 3 territories, This amazing country has something to offer everyone regardless of tastes and backgrounds.

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