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Solar Lights Are the Green Option For Your Garden

To highlight the importance of solar power in this solar powered garden lights article, we examine the benefits of designing your outdoor space with solar lights, both for visibility, and to accent areas of beauty or interest.


The benefits of solar powered lights are in the low cost, both in the short term to the homeowner, and in the long term to the homeowner and environment. With traditional landscape lighting, the wire needs to be routed under the surface of the ground to an electrical box, which means digging. Solar lights can be connected to a main solar panel if there are multiple lights, or each solar light has a built in solar panel. Installing them is as easy as deciding where to put them and putting them in the ground to charge.

Not only is the cost of labor saved, but also there is no electricity to pay for, ever. These solar yard lights eventually pay for themselves, which is a relief if they are expensive, accept for one thing; they are usually not. For around $10-$20 dollars, there is an extensive variety of solar accent lighting to choose from.

With all those choices, and a number of bulb types to choose from, xem them  look for solar garden lights that use LED bulbs. These are the most efficient bulbs, and will give off the brightest light for the longest amount of time, around 10 hours fully charged. Outdoor solar lights get their charge from the sun during the day, and then automatically switch on at night. However, look for outdoor solar lighting that has a manual turn off as well. If there is a glaring light, or you simply want the option to make it dimmer, the manual switch will be appreciated.

Solar powered landscape lighting can be used anywhere with great affect. You will want to place smaller lights that emit a radiating glow along pathways or driveways. Too bright of a light here and it will make it difficult for the eyes to adjust to the dark again. When designing a garden area with a pond, these same radiating lights reflect just enough light off the surface of the pond to bring it to life.

For a beautiful sitting area, perhaps a gazebo or fountain, solar powered lights that can be directed like a spotlight are ideal. Adjust these lights to highlight textures of the area of interest, bring latticework shadows out to play, and light up the water in the fountain.

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